Even if you have insurance, home fire safety is crucial as it lowers your risk of experiencing major damage. However, it’s also important to keep your family secure and to ensure you can get help in case the unexpected occurs. The following guide highlights some crucial fire safety tips.

How Can You Protect Your Home & Family From Fires?

  1. Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors alert you and your family of risks so that you can evacuate the home promptly. They should be placed on every floor in the home and inside every bedroom, as well as in all the kitchen areas. To ensure the detectors are efficient, test their batteries once each month and replace them once each year. The smoke detectors should also be replaced every ten years to ensure they aren’t faulty.

  1. Develop an Evacuation Plan

A home’s floor plan can serve as the basis for evacuation planning. Map out at least two exits for each room, and ensure your family members are aware of the best routes to take in different areas of the home. Designate a meeting place outside that’s far from the home but close enough that young kids can easily find it. Most importantly, practice your evacuation plan at least once each year so that you’re always prepared.

  1. Keep Fire Extinguishers Throughout the Home

Fire safety professionals encourage homeowners to keep fire extinguishers on every floor. They’re especially important in the kitchen, where fires are most likely to break out. Make sure you and your family are fully aware of how to use these devices. They require regular maintenance, so be sure to read their instruction manuals in detail to take the proper steps while using them.

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