In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of American households performing home improvements. What homeowners might not realize is that there are many property upgrades that can result in lower home insurance premiums. Insurers want to mitigate risk as much as possible, and improvements like the ones discussed here are considered effective ways of reducing your exposure to danger and liability.

Upgrades That Can Save You Money on Home Insurance

  1. A Security System

Burglar alarms, video monitoring, and systems that communicate with local law enforcement are all types of security precautions that make you and your family safer. With enhanced safety comes potential financial savings from your home insurance provider, and the more sophisticated and multifunctional the system, the greater the savings potential. A single burglar alarm can bring a nice discount, but a comprehensive, whole-property surveillance system that contacts authorities in the event of a break-in will often mean additional money in your pocket. Discounts vary between providers, so be sure to check your policy.

  1. Roof Updates

Many insurers understand the hail risk that comes with living in Nebraska. Because hailstorms are among the most expensive natural disasters in the midwest, and because they tend to hit roofs harder than other areas of a home, insurers are often willing to discount rates for homeowners who take roof protection steps. This might be a reduced rate after a new roof is installed, especially if it is one made of fortified roofing materials (impact resistant shingles). You may even get a reduction for smaller updates like hurricane clips that help hold the roof in place against high winds. Again, consult your policy to learn your insurer’s exact requirements.

  1. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks that are installed on all exterior doors are a great deterrent for burglars.  Since theft from a home is a common claim that insurance carriers deal with, professionally installed deadbolts can help protect your home from break-in and keep your family safe as well.

  1. Fire Extinguishers

One of the lowest cost items that you could install in your home is fire extinguishers.  The number of fire extinguishers that you install in your home depends on the size of the home and the number of stories of your home.  Fire is one of the most common and and most catastrophic losses that homeowners insurance carriers face.  Be sure that you hold regular “fire drills” with your family and make sure that everyone knows what to do and where to find safety in the event of a fire.  If the fire is out  of control do not attempt to fight it, get yourself out of the house as soon as possible.

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