Home insurance helps cover the cost of damage to your house or property caused by theft or disasters. It can also cover the cost of medical bills if someone is injured on your property. However, there’s a chance your provider may deny your claim. The following guide explains why this issue occurs.

Why Would a Claim Be Denied?
In some cases, the reason for denial is evident. You may have provided insufficient information, or your coverage may not include the claim type. For instance, many policies won’t cover damage caused by floods or earthquakes. Also, a claim will be denied if the costs are less than your deductible.

Insurance companies have strict policies to prevent fraud. The provider can deny coverage if they feel your claim doesn’t meet the requirements outlined in your policy. For example, if the damage is caused by general deterioration instead of a severe storm, they’ll reject your claim.

What Does the Dispute Process Entail?
If you still feel you’re owed coverage, compare your home insurance policy to the original claim. Look for simple oversights, such as incomplete paperwork. Then, reach out to the company again with evidence of the damage, including photos and repair estimates, and ask if they’ll reconsider.

If that doesn’t work, hire an independent insurance adjuster who will serve as an unbiased third party. Present your provider with any new evidence that the agent discovers. If they still deny your claim, file a complaint with your state and seek professional legal counsel.

How Can You Prevent a Future Denial?
Review your policy thoroughly and look for any gaps to prevent a denial. If necessary, you can take out additional policies to cover damages caused by floods. Otherwise, umbrella policies can help you afford extensive medical bills if someone gets hurt on your property. You can also switch home insurance companies to find a provider whose policies align with your needs.

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