Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage in Ansley, NE, Broken Bow, NE, and Kearney, NE


Accidents happen. The only the way to protect your car from the inevitable accident is with collision coverage from Insurance of the Heartland. Collision coverage kicks in whenever you are in an accident with another car or if you run into a stationary object.


How Much Collision Coverage is Needed?

When determining the right amount of coverage for your vehicle, know what aspects of your vehicle matter. How old is your vehicle? What premium can you afford? Being able to answer questions like this will help you and your agent settle on a number that works for you. Our agent can also let you know about our range of insurance add-ons that can come in handy.

In addition to protecting you and your car from collisions, we offer benefits that range from rewards and incentives to extended coverage. Our enhancements include: Diminishing Deductible, GAP Coverage, and Accident Forgiveness for better assurance.

  • Diminishing Deductible provides an annual credit when you stay accident free.
  • Gap Coverage covers the gap that exists when your settlement isn’t enough money to cover the actual cost of your car.
  • Accident Forgiveness means that a single accident won’t cause your premium to rise.

Contact Insurance of the Heartland today to see if you qualify for, or want to learn more about Auto Insurance enhancements that can help save you money.