Breaking Down Glass Claims

We all know the feeling. You’re driving down the highway, and you hear the sound of a
pebble striking your windshield.
Sometimes the crack is there immediately. Other times, it grows slowly, and you almost
don’t even notice. But cracked windshields are one of the most common claims in
Here’s what you can expect the next time you see that dreaded crack in your
Is It Covered? – Glass claims are covered by Comprehensive insurance if a
rock or animal caused the cracked glass. Collision insurance covers cracked
glass as a result of a car accident.
What Kind of Claim? – Glass claims differ by company. Some treat it the
same as any other claim, while others have special rules to make glass
claims easy and fast.
• Who Fixes It? – Most insurers have dedicated glass companies that perform
repairs either in a shop or at your house.
• Is It Worth the Claim? – Talk to your agent if you are thinking about paying
out of pocket. The answer may surprise you.
Don’t let one of the most common claims get you down. You pay for insurance every
year, so let it help you when you need it.

Hidden Limits on Valuables

Insurance can sure be helpful. If something happens to your house or rental, we help
pay for your stuff that’s lost. Right?
Well, mostly. If that word, “mostly,” concerns you, let’s talk about what it means.
There are items in your house that are highly valuable but may have special limits on
their coverage. In other words, if something happens to them, you may only get
reimbursed for a set amount that can be less than the total value of the item. But, don’t
worry, you may be able to work out higher limits with your agent.
Let’s look at what items have limits of coverage, so you’ll know what you need:
• Jewelry – Most people have at least some jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and other
jewelry items have a set limit.
• Firearms – This one surprises a lot of people. Make sure your firearms are listed
on your policy, and you have enough coverage.
• Electronics – Some electronics are also listed. This is a big one since we have
so many items like this nowadays!
Get in touch with us if you are concerned you may not have enough coverage for
specific personal property items.

Be Aware of Distracted Driving

It’s easy to do. Your phone buzzes, you look down, and before you know it, you’re
typing a response – while driving at 65 mph.
If you have found yourself glancing down at your phone at a stoplight or talking to
someone over a long drive, consider these habits instead to stay as safe as possible:
• Silence is golden — You’re much less likely to look if you don’t hear your
notifications. Put your phone on silent to avoid temptation.
• Place phone safely — Put your phone somewhere stable and out of sight. If you
are using it as a map, make sure it is eye level with the road.
• Pullover — Important call you have to take? Pullover to eliminate the risk of an
• Keep it to yourself — If you’re a passenger, don’t show something on your
phone to the driver.
Being focused and keeping your eyes on the road will help you get to where you’re
going and keep your fellow drivers safe as well.