For everyone that is not a home owner we strongly recommend purchasing a renter’s insurance policy. These policies are also referred to a homeowners form 4 policy. There are many advantages and benefits of carrying this type of coverage if you are renting a home or apartment

The renters policy has four basic coverages and has dozens of optional coverages.


  1. PERSONAL PROPERTY – This protection will cover the items that you own that are in the house or used to maintain the house. These list of items include: furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, decorations, lawn mowers, jewelry, etc. Your personal property can be covered at replacement cost or actual cash value (we recommend replacement cost).
  2. LOSS OF USE – In the event the house is damaged and you are unable to live in your leased/rented house, the policy would pay for additional costs associated with finding another place to live temporarily. These costs could include: hotel bills, additional meal costs for being displaced, higher rent costs if there are no rentals in the area for the amount you are currently paying.
  3. PERSONAL LIABILITY – Liability coverage will pay for bodily injury or property damage lawsuits that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay. This coverage will not only pay the actual damages, but also legal expenses up to the limit of the policy. Some common liability claims that we see deal with dog bites, accidental fires from candles, water damage caused to house by forgetting to shut off with the drain on it.
  4. MEDICAL PAYMENTS – Medical payments are a coverage that will pay in the event a guest to your residence was to suffer a bodily injury. This coverage pays regardless of fault. In the event that you are the one at fault in their injury your personal liability would pay secondary to the medical payments coverage.


Along with the basic coverage there are several options to broaden your coverage both on property and liability. Some of these options include increased coverage for jewelry, guns, computers, phones, farm liability, in house daycare, etc.

Other than the coverage benefits, a renters policy can also provide a discount on your auto insurance. in most situations we can “bundle” your auto and renters policies to save up to 20% on each policy.