Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance in Ansley, NE, Broken Bow, NE, and Kearney, NE


Ensure the Success of Your Big Day.

Planning a big party like an anniversary party, a birthday celebration, a graduation party, or a wedding can be extremely costly, time-consuming, and stressful. No one wants to be hit with something unexpected during the planning, let alone on the actual day of the party.

Special event insurance is made for big celebrations like these by allowing you to have financial protection if your plans have to be cancelled off any reason whether it be a freak weather condition or the absence of a key person involved with the event. These policies also cover costs in case of serious injury or illness.


Wedding Insurance

Weddings have a lot of moving parts. Special event insurance can cover you if someone like the photographer, florist, or caterer fails to show up for your event Additional options for your Special Event Insurance are available and can include coverage for:

  • Gowns and tuxedos
  • Theft or damage to gifts
  • Extended coverage for honeymoon cancellation
  • Professional counseling if the cancellation of the event causes severe emotional distress

Many venues offer their own form of special insurance to cover things, but if you are having your event at home, you may want to consider purchasing extra liability insurance to cover anything that might happen.

Ensuring that your wedding is protected is an important part of planning for it. Since Special Event Insurance is designed on an individual basis, it’s important to discuss your specific insurance needs with a professional. Contact Insurance of the Heartland today to learn more.