Any auto accident can be a scary situation for anyone. We have put together a list of things you should always do if you find yourself in an accident.

  1. Stop the vehicle where the accident occurred.
  2. Check to make sure you are physically okay. If you are okay, check to see if all of your passengers are okay.
  3. If everyone in the vehicle is okay, get out of the vehicle as soon as possible as the vehicle and get to a safe area.
  4. Call the police and have them send an ambulance if anyone was injured.
  5. Wait for help. During this step, you can turn off the engine and turn on the hazard lights.
  6. Exchange information with the other vehicles involved. Never admit fault in the accident. The information you need should include the location of the accident, names, addresses, driver’s license number, phone numbers, vehicle (year, make, model, and VIN), insurance company name, policy number, and their agent name and phone number, witnesses info. The police may facilitate the information exchange if they are already at the scene.
  7. Document the accident. Take photos of all vehicles involved along with getting the officer’s info and where you can obtain the accident report.
  8. Call our office to report the accident so we can get a claim turned into your insurance carrier.

If these steps are not followed a claim payment may be delayed. The average person will be involved in an accident every 18 years, so there is a very good probability that all of you reading will have to go through this situation at some point in time.